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Applied Behavior Analysis Services

We offer a variety of service levels tailored to meet the specific needs of each client:
  • Brief Assessment and Treatment Guidance
  • Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment
  • On-going Program Support and Maintenance
  • Workshops and Trainings

  • Brief Assessment and Treatment Guidance
    The Brief Assessment and Treatment Guidance will begin the process of assessing the variables influencing problem behavior by performing an initial brief functional assessment (FBA) as well as a variety of related language and skill assessments in order to more effectively identify all of the relevant variables influencing the learners responding. Following the assessments, we will provide the team with the following:
    1. Defined challenging behaviors
    2. Insight into possible functions of the problem behavior
    3. Direction with regards to selection of replacement behaviors and related language skills
    4. Guide reinforcement use, discuss schedule considerations
    5. Discuss and provide examples of potential data collection systems.

    Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment
    The Comprehensive Assessment will provide a much more complete assessment of the learner’s repertoire. The following assessments will be completed:
    1. Functional assessment (FBA)
    2. Preference assessment,
    3. Assessment of the learner’s speaker and listener skills
    4. Assessment of the learner’s functional academic and daily living skills.
    The Essential for Living Assessment and/or Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Protocol (VB-MAPP) will be scored as appropriate. Following these assessments, we will provide the team with the following:
    1. Defined target behaviors
    2. Defined replacement behaviors
    3. Behavioral protocols designed to prevent, as well as appropriately respond to challenging behaviors
    4. Specific teaching protocols
    5. Individual treatment plan with long and short term objectives
    6. Data collection systems.
    Additionally, caregivers will be trained on the following:
    1. Implementation of the behavioral and teaching protocols,
    2. Indications that the plans require modification
    3. Recording and interpreting the data that are collected.

    On-Going Program Support and Maintenance
    Following a Level Comprehensive Assessment, many families choose to continue to receive services on some basis to ensure timely modification of programming, continued collaboration with other service providers, and continued parent and caregiver training. Depending on a variety of factors including frequency of program modification, rate of acquisition, and number of caregivers involved in programming, continued support can be delivered as needed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

    Workshops and Trainings
    Behavior Language Consultants offer workshops and trainings to schools, parent groups, and individual families on a variety of topics including:
    1. The Application of Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior
    2. Implementing the Essential For Living Assessment and Curriculum
    3. Assessment and Treatment of Problem Behavior
    4. Development and Implementation of Functional Programming
    5. Teaching Daily Living and Leisure Skills
    contact us to discuss specific needs.

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