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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you serve?
We primarily work with individuals ages 7 and older, as we recognize that many individuals continue to benefit from behavior analytic services past the more traditional early intervention years. That said, we are able to serve individuals under the age of 7, however we do not offer traditional 40 hour per week early intervention services.

What areas do you serve?
Twin Cities and Surrounding Areas

My child does not have an autism diagnosis, are you still able to provide services?
Yes. Though we have extensive experience working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders, our services are not limited to individuals with ASD. In addition to working with individuals with Autism, we routinely work with individuals with Down Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, Fragile X, and other Intellectual Developmental Disabilities.

How soon can services be initiated?
We typically are able to initiate services within 14 days of being contacted.

Do you provide intensive behavioral services (i.e. direct therapy, 30 to 40 hours a week, etc.)?
No, but we do provide training for all caregivers who will be providing support to the individual (e.g. PCAs, siblings, parents, school personnel, and other care providers). Additionally we do provide services for individuals who are currently on the waiting list at various clinics to obtain Intensive Behavioral Intervention (make the IBI a hyperlink back to services).

Who do you provide training to on the implementation of behavioral services?
We will provide training to any caregiver that will be providing support to the individual (e.g. parents, PCAs, teachers, paraprofessionals, siblings, and other care providers).

Does the company have trained PCAs or therapists on staff?
No, but we will assist parents and caregivers in finding PCAs and/or other caregivers to assist in follow through with behavioral interventions when needed.

What is the cost of treatment and payment options?
The cost will depend on the service plan chosen and will be discussed during the initial service meeting. Please call for up-to-date information on service and payment options.

Committed to maximizing the quality of individual and family life.
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