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Initiating Services

To learn more about the services offered and to set-up a complimentary initial meeting at our office please contact Behavior Language Consultants via email at info@behaviorlanguage.com or by phone at (952) 392-8689. One of our behavior analysts will respond to your email or phone message within 48 hours of your inquiry.

The initial meeting often lasts one to two hours and provides Behavior Language Consultants with a view of the individual’s needs, potential environmental and physical obstacles that are competing with obtaining the individual’s needs, the appropriateness of the services through Behavior Language Consultants, and a brief overview of our approach and services we provide based on the caregiver and individual needs.

We ask that the following information is collected prior to the meeting:
  1. completed intake application;
  2. individual, family, school, and community goals;
  3. behaviors of concern (e.g. how often are the behaviors occurring, when, where, etc.); and
  4. records of any health concerns/issues, background information, or current and previous services obtained (e.g., IEP, IIIP, etc.).
Following the meeting, a proposal of the services recommended will be created for approval prior to initiating services.

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